Young Champions Meting in Achham

Young Champions (YC) meeting in Achham district under SAMBHAV program was held onĀ  21-23 July 2016 at Sanphebagar and Binayak. The objectives of the meting were to review the action and develop plan for next three months. 21 participants from 14 schools of Kuika, Kalikasthan, Kalekanda, Chalsa, Binayak, Bardadevi, Mastamandu, Hattikot, Bindebasini, Shodashadevi, Thanti, Siddheshwor, Jalpadevi, Baijnath VDCs were participated the meeting.

YCs are the volunteers from community to deliver the message to respective schools and facilitate child and youth clubs for their sensitization activities. YCs are selected from the respective clubs of each school who are capacitated to work with other members. Mr. Deepkak Khadka was the facilitator of the meeting.

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