SYC Home Visit

SAMBHAV project in Kailali district has been implementing in partnership of PeaceWin and Restless Development since last two years. The objectives of the project is to abolish malpractices against Chhaupadi (Menstruation Period) and early marriage. Chhaupadi Pratha and early marriage are related to female health rights.
Senior Young Champions (SYC) are selected from young champions based on their performance. They community volunteers working as champions for change.
It is the event of monitoring by PeaceWin chairperson Mr. Lal Bahadur Oli. He had directly visited the family members of SYCs to fid out the practice of learning in their family. In our society the main issue is to apply in own life before teaching others.The monitoring found that most of the SYCs family have been adopting the changes that the project aims to obtain.
The project has strategy to change traditional malpractices through community mobilization. Changing in Chhaupadi Pratha is possible through 5-sa in Nepali language, Surakchit Basai (Safe staying), Suaahara (nutritious food), Subista (sufficient rest), Sarsaphai (hygiene), Shiksha (regularity to school during menstruation) and Suchana (information about reproductive health).

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