PeaceWin 23rd AGM is over

23rd of September 2017 PeaceWin 9th congress/23rd annual general Meeting was over. PeaceWin holds its congress in every 4th year and annually AGM. In it congress elects new governance board and annual plan as well.
District Coordination Committee Chief Mr. Narendra Kumar Rokaya has inaugurated the ceremony. Mrs. Kabita Bist, deputy mayor of Badimalika Municipality was guest in the AGM. The congress/AGM has elected the new governance board as following:
Mrs. Bimala Thapa- President
Mr. Brijan Bahadur Shahi- Vice-President
Mr. Lalbir Nath- Secretary General
Mrs. Parvati Joshi- Treasurer
Mr. Harka Bahadur Oli- Member
Mrs. Sarita Thapa- Member
Mr. Padam Oli- Member
Mrs. Laxmi Sunar- Member
Mr. Dhir Bahadur Dani- Member
The main highlighted of the congress was to elect the female as chief of the organization. 45% of the board is female representation and a Dalit community. The meeting has pass the annual report, plana nd budget too.

9th congress and 23rd AGM
9th congress and 23rd AGM

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