Joint Monitoring of ACCESS Project

“Access project” Healthy pregnancy and safe birth for Nepal’s poorest women has been implementing in Bajura from May 2014 to October 2016 funding by CARE Denmark and in partnership of CARE Nepal and PeaceWin. The goal of the project is to improve maternal and newborn health and reduce mortality of mothers and infants by increasing access and quality service in Bajura district in Nepal’s far western region. The primary target group of this project is 26,000 women of reproductive age including pregnant women, recently delivered women, especially from rural and marginalized communities.

A joint monitoring of district level stakeholders comprised of GoN agencies, media, community groups’ district networks was done from 7-10 August 2016 in different VDCs of the project area. The purpose of the monitoring was to analyze the result and effect of the project on beneficiaries life.

The major findings from the monitoring are: the community health scorecard, SATH method are the effective process of the project implementation that ensures the changes. Increased in numbers of health institution birthing, regular health check of pregnant, solar system to birthing center is a effective support to warm the birthing room in hilly area. The project has supported 47 items to birthing centers that were using properly. Education on nutrition and hygiene during pregnancy and caring after infant-maternal health are becoming the agenda at mothers’ groups meeting.

I conclusion the project is so effective on health service improvement and capacity building of health institutions in the district. It would be additional impact if, there would sufficient social mobilizers instead of a social mobilizer for 4 VDCs. The effect of project duration is seen clearly in the area. The team has recommended to continue the project for extra years to institutionalize the system that the project has developed and practiced on.

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