Felicitation to Newly Elected Representatives

Felicitation programme to Local Level elected representatives of Bajura was held on 2074-04-16 (31 July 2017 at Martadi, Bajura. Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson/Mayor, Sub-Mayor of all 9 Local Levels (4 Municipality and 5 Rural Municipality) were there in the programme. Local Level election in province#7 (9 districts ad 88 local levels) was over including of other provinces# 1 and 5 on 2074-03-14 (28 June 2017). First phase Local level election in provinces# 3, 4 and 6 was held on 2074-02-031 (14 June 2017). In Bajura 95% votes were casted in this election that leads highest degree of votes casting rate in this 2nd phase election in the country.
People had participated with high enthusiasm in the election that was held after two decades. This also happened in Republican country’s election after displacement of monarchism from public movement of 2062/063 BS. People have high expectation towards the local development through this election.

In this meeting local representatives from all local levels have suggested to work jointly agains poverty and social stigmas in the district. They had added we all have to contribute positively to strengthen the new political and social system in the country.