Annual Social Audit

13 September 2016, PeaceWin annual social audit was over at Kolti Bajura. The purpose of the event was to inform the stakeholders on PeaceWin programme done during the year. It is also the responsibility of the organization to be accountable and transparent. From the event PeaceWin has got a lot feedback to improving in programme implementation process.
In the event PeaceWin has presented the major activities in FY’ 2072/073 (2015/016), and received vs. expenditure budget, major result of the work. In this FY’ PeaceWin has implemented 11 different projects in Bajura, Accham, Doti and Kailali in partnership with Save the Children, Action Aid, CARE Nepal, Restless Development, Poverty Alleviation Fund, District Development Committee/Trial Bridge Sub-Sector, Rural Access Programme. Consortium etc.
PeaceWin has been working with rural children, women and youth for their best interest. The total budget for the year was NRs. 86,742,303.00 and expenditure NRs. 81,412,444.00 The programees were covered quality education, infant-maternal health, income generation based on agriculture and livestock, climate justice, water and sanitation, women leadership development, youth empowerment, peace and justice, physical improvement of schools, health post and community bridges, irrigation etc.
Representatives from political parties, Government Agencies, community groups, NGOs, child clubs, women rights forums, farmers groups, cooperatives were participated in the event.
Acting Chairperson Mrs. Bimala Devi Thapa has chaired and welcome by Treasurer Mr. Brijan Bahadur Shahi of the event. Mr. Lalbir Nath, Secretary General and Mr. Judha Bahadur Rawal, Program Manager have presented about the work of PeaceWin. It is the regular annual process of the organization. PeaceWin holds the social audit event on mobile base around its working area annually.

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